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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect across Europe with the intention of giving us more control over the collection, storage and use of our personal data. For detailed information about your rights under the GDPR CLICK HERE to visit the ICO website.

The data I collect on you will be minimum - contact details, name, mobile number, email address.

All of this information is coded and password protected. I will also keep brief session notescoded so that individuals are not recognisable, stored & locked as per my Professional Bodies Guidelines. These notes are minimal and merely for my own reflections to measure our progress.

I will not share your data with anyone without your explicit consent, except where the law requires me to,

and if that requirement arises I will discuss it with you at all stages where possible. There will be times that email, text,

WhatsApp are used, we will discuss your preferred method on meeting,

it is advisable to keep personal information to a minimum when using such forms.

The GDPR requires that you give consent as described above. On completing a submission form you are consenting to me having your details. On commencing therapy you will be asked to sign your agreement of me having these as per above.

If you have queries or concerns please contact Information Commissioner’s Office.

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