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The power of 3 

Over the lockdowns and throughout the pandemic, I spent a lot of time sending prompts, coping skills, therapeutic techniques, mindful exercises, protective factor ideas and making short emotional support videos to help those struggling to manage the uncertainty around the situation we found ourselves in. The aim was to give emotional support to as many people as possible, equipping them with a little emotional tool kit of quick accessible exercises that they could rely on to use discreetly when things became too much. The positive feedback I got was overwhelming. The main message I received was that people found so much comfort in knowing that these techniques were available and accessible to use any time they needed. If you are familiar with my work, you will know how much I value the importance of psychoeducation and self-regulation.  This got my overactive right brain thinking and creative juices flowing. How comforting would it be to have access to these techniques and comforting tools all in the one place, so here we have them, 3 products created by me, inspired by collective client need, designed to settle, and soothe, promoting self-awareness and improve esteem.


These can be purchased below or contact me directly to purchase for local collection.  Thank you. 




SOLD OUT -  The power of 3 have sold out - a small amount of protective power packs and affirmation cards remain, please contact directly to purchase. 


Power of 3 bundle 

1.POSITIVE PROTECTIVE POWER PACK - this little power pack includes 11 therapeutic exercises designed to support you and your body when things become overwhelming. Keep this little protective pack close to bring you comfort and reassurance when you need it.

2.AFFIRMATION CARDS - 32 affirming cards to inspire forms of creativity and self-expression. Delivering positive messages of reassurance when needed. Affirmation cards can be used to promote self esteem and reframe negative thoughts. Using positive affirmations daily can help cultivate a positive life.

3.DAILY PLANNER – created to develop a growth mindset, bring daily organisation, self-awareness and promote self-esteem. Each mindful daily prompt can help promote a growth mindset, develop self-awareness, and encourage self-care, enabling us to at meeting our own needs each day. 

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