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Associate Therapists 


Professionally registered therapists offering a wide range of services and healing modalities supporting individuals, couples, children and teens in their therapeutic journey and beyond.  


Each therapist is self employed therefore manages their own diary and client list.


See below local professionals each with individual skillsets to provide the support you may need. 

Andrea Black Counsellor MBACP

With over 15 years experience Andrea is a fully experienced and qualified counsellor with an extensive background of experience and training in her field.  Providing a safe non-judgemental space for clients to work through their issues offering a compassionate and empathic approach.

Personal Statement:
I am an integrative counsellor, using person-centred, psychodynamic, CBT etc and I will always   tailor the therapy I offer to suit the needs of each individual.  The duration of therapy will also reflect this. My aim is to uncomplicate the overwhelming problems that are causing distress and emotional pain.  My knowledge and learning are underpinned by wealth of experience, and I have accrued an excess of 6000 clinical supervised hours, working with all age groups. I  believe we all deserve a safe place to talk but more importantly to feel heard!!

Life can be overwhelming, challenging, and complicated. This can be the result of historical issues, personal struggles, grief and loss or complex family dynamics such as blended families, conflict, separation, or divorce.  Additional stressors such as financial struggles, work stress, school pressures, family illness, caring responsibilities, autism/ADHD, addiction, and substance misuse. 

Counselling can offer the ability to reflect, take a breath and allow time to focus, away from the stressful environment.  The results can quite often be life changing. Whilst counselling can offer support at the time, it can also offer the skills and strategies to manage anxiety and distress and empower you to utilise those skills going forward when counselling ends. 

"Counselling is always a brave choice. Giving you the time to explore all your options in a safe, non-judgmental, caring space". 


Andrea is available for sessions in the clinic on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and weekends.

Megan Crowe, Therapeutical Play Practitioner via PTUK providing Play Therapy for Children Time to PlayNI: Process, Heal and Achieve

Megan has worked with children and young people for 6 years in various settings- children's residential homes, primary and secondary schools and through play therapy. Megan provides Play Therapy in her Play Room in Newtownabbey, having a strong passion for enabling children to process and work through any emotional struggles or experiences using various methods of play; art, music, figures and other mediums. Within her play room.The child is given the opportunity to become their own healers and to build new or upon existing lifelong skills that enable them to heal themselves. Providing child-centered face to face 1:1 sessions which are 40 minutes each for 12 consistent weeks.


To make an appointment with any of the therapist please get in touch or feel free to contact directly.


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