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Counselling & Therapy Service Newtownabbey. Professional therapy for healing, growth & discovery.  

  Frequently asked questions ?

Listening is often the only thing needed to help. 

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a confidential talking therapy. Talking through problems can allow time and space to process situations/relationships improving how these are handled or reacted to. A contained healthy space to work through such issues can really help to make sense of your thoughts and feelings. This can often involve talking about difficult or painful feelings and experiences, in order to face up to problems you may beencountering. Counselling can mean different things to different people, it is a very individual process in general it is a process people undertake when they want to change something in their lives or explore elements of their lives in more depth.

Is it confidential?

Counselling is a confidential service, unless,  a counsellor has cause to believe that you are at serious risk/harm to yourself or others, strict confidentially will be adhered to. We will discuss and contract confidentially on our first session. Counselling is a non-directive therapy therefore a counsellor will never tell you what to do,  instead they will encourage you to talk, listen without judgement to explore and uncover any root causes of your issues in order to identify specific thinking or behavioural patterns. 

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Why Counselling?

Life can be challenging for all of us and mostly we manage, but sometimes we have problems or, experience feelings which cause us longer lasting distress and we find it difficult to cope. Changes in personal circumstances, working life or relationships can leave us feeling lonely, confused, angry, anxious or out of control. External pressures can create an added sense of imbalance and loss of control.

The overwhelming impact of these feelings can often lead to damaging thought patterns or behaviours; feelings of anxiety, depression or other limiting emotions; or struggling with personal and professional relationships. Counselling is a proven way to help you understand, process and manage these feelings and their impact.

Sometimes we need a safe place to express our innermost feeling, and to openly meet the reality of our lives and relationships. It may simply be that you need some time to yourself, to process thoughts and feelings in order to make stronger decisions and gain confidence in respective areas of your life.  Counselling can help you gain clarity and look forward with greater hope and optimism.


Some people benefit from Counselling at specific times in their life,  while others seek therapy as a form of self-care, a dedicated time and space to explore different aspects of their life, to manage personal wellbeing and nurture our minds.  Whatever your needs may be at this time, seeking professional support is the first step in taking back control.

Taking this first step can be daunting therefore I will do my utmost to put your mind at ease.


How many sessions?  

Clients often ask many sessions will they need. The answer is that it depends on the person and their individual needs. Some people want to address a number of issues, therefore we may look at an open ended approach, tak​ing the therapy on a week by week basis. Others may seek counselling to address a more specific issue or just want to make a small improvement in their lives. So, once we have our initial session, we can agree a programme of support to suit your personal needs. However, it is important to highlight that sometimes further issues emerge as counselling develops and we may need to re-assess your requirements.



Fee 40 minute session £40 

Fee 50 minute session £50

Remote and online sessions available. 

Telephone and video sessions are available for those who cannot attend face to face therapy.  If this is proffered please advise on contact. 

Please refer to my Facebook page for tips, advice and useful videos to help you manage your mental health.  

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To arrange an appointment or telephone consultation please email  or call/text 

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